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Empowering individuals, teens, parents and families by providing a safe place to explore their struggles, problem solve, and make necessary changes to live a happier life.  Sessions are 45-50 minutes long, unless other arrangements are made.  I'm happy to provide statements for insurance reimbursement.  


As a Mother of 3 young children, I understand the joys, demands, and challenges you face everyday.   Moms often come to me feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated after years of putting their hearts and souls into their families and forgetting to take care of themselves.  There is often a strong desire to be "the perfect mother", which only results in failure because we all make mistakes. Many Moms question their skills as a parent but don't know how or what to do differently. 

After meeting with me and following my tailored curriculum,  Moms begin to recharge, reconnect, and regain control of their lives. This results in a happier, more confident woman, which leads to a happier spouse, happier children, and an overall happier family.  Afterall, "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" 



"I think every Teenager is a Hero.  When we are young, we feel so much pain.  Going to school is like going to war.  People let you down all the time.  Sometimes it's very, very hard to stay strong.  BUT YOU HAVE TO." ~Angelina Jolie

Being a teenager and being a parent of a teenager are often very challenging experiences.  There is a rollercoaster of emotions on both sides and sometimes it's difficult to decide what behavior is normal and what is extreme.  Whether you are a teenager who feels misunderstood or a worried parent, chances are, you can use some guidance.  I have worked with teens and their parents for over 10 years and have helped bring them closer together through the power of listening and educating about this very unique developmental time.




I work with clients to help them explore patterns of behavior that negatively impact their relationships and daily lives. We will work together to identify and address these patterns and use simple techniques to modify thoughts and behaviors and replace them with healtheir and more successful options. I help clients who suffer from anxiety, depression, trauma, and family conflict.  Whatever your situation, we'll work as a team to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself so you can enjoy your life to the fullest.





They call it the toughest job you'll ever love.  Parenting can be one of the most rewarding roles any of us take on.  But it can also provide some of lifes most challenging situations.  I work with parents to bring order, structure and happiness back to the home.  Whether we are meeing in my office, or I am joining you in your home to assess the family dynamics, my goal is to provide you with strategic and tactical approaches to help your family connect with each other and perform as a winning team.

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